Best Prices: The health insurance rates on our website come directly from the insurance companies and, as required by law, are registered with the State Department of Insurance. We do not add any fees or surcharges to the rates. Your rate is the same whether you buy direct from the insurance company or from midwestHealthPlanStore. The difference is, we represent your interest. No one can offer you lower premiums for the same plans.

No Fee Help: Our service is free to you. Our compensation is paid by the insurance company and does not affect your rates.

Unbiased Advice: We represent your interests. We are the client's advocate; available to provide needs analysis, plan recommendations and an application strategy.


Our simple, impartial process enables the client to make an informed decision with ease and confidence.

Large Selection of Quality Plans: We carry health plans offered by major insurance companies, to individuals and families in your state.

We will not represent companies that:

  • Have a history of unfair renewal rating practices
  • Are small start-up companies (i.e., fly-by-nights)
  • Have vague internal limitations within their contracts

We only sell plans that we would have for our own families.

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